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printer lamp always on


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Came in this morning and had the message printer lamp burned out  , so  as per normal I shut down the software and went to change lamp and got the shock of my life when I went to install new lamp and the socket was still live Now I noticed the lamp is always on and never turns off anybody had this before and know a fix..

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Now I have this happening again and from memory all I did was go into  Su synoptics optical and turned lamp on and off and it rectified itself

but it aint working this time  Tried a full system  restart but the lamp came on the minute I hit the breaker switch very strange indeed..

any hints much appreciated ..

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Which machine model ?

Probably your power supply has some issue with controlling the lamp switch off/on, try to change places off the power supply for the lamp with other one for transport motors which is always ON anyway, but do not forget to adjust the voltages accordingly.

One on the lamp should have 19.5V near lamp (about 20.5V on the PS), and the other one should have 24V on the output terminal  ;)

Also it could be the relay switch on the one PCB which controls this command to the lamp PS ?

Oh, by the way I now realised that I moved to No 4 place on user post number list  8)

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