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Is your chemistry OK ?

Is this paper setup problem on all papers ?

Try to copy the papier.ini from the backup.

If your densitometar is well calibrated and if all off the above recommendations did not fix the problem,

then, maybe there is the problem with either polarizing filter or TFT card setup or with measuring cell.

But to fix it you will need the help from KIS (or Kodak) technician.

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The only way to lock down if it is a chemistry problem with certainty is to run a control strip.

There are a variety of other electronics problems that can pop up taht make internal calibration strips problematic.

I'd guess that this is chemistry, but could be a bad lamp too!

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Hello Benachour,

If during the paper setup the machine is telling you that both prints are ok ( so the value 100) then you will have a broken glassfibre cable.

It will not be completely broken but receives to less light to receive a good impression of the printed chart.

Mostly the glass fibre from tank pcb towards dryer hood will be damaged because this part is bending while opening the dryer cover.

Also check your reference sticker on the densito roller these 3 colors needs to be nicely white - grey - black.

Good luck,


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