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DKS 1710 LCD

Mr Bee

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Hi has anyone needed a new LCD on a 1710 yet?

Our LCD pizo board overheated, this has been replace.

With no errors the machine produces only total grey prints, 50/50 shade.

I have replace the other two other boards in the assy but still the same problem, grey prints

Is there any Guarantee on the LCD unit?

The 1710 has replaced our 1550.

The machine has now been down for four weeks

Very unsure if the change to a 1710 to produce better quality prints was the right decision!!!

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Hey there Mr. Bee,

If the DKS 3 (1710) is delivered from distributor in your country there is a garantee of 5 years on your LCD.

But how did your piezo board overheated, how did you discovered that there was the problem ?

The DKS 1710 is the right decision for better quality prints that's for sure.

I never had to replaced one LCD unit on a DKS 3 even no pcb of piezo or LCD .

Check the flatcable from Mot. LED pcb to Piezo pcb this one can bent sometimes to much and causes a broken string inside the flatcable as also bad connections towards both pcb's !!

Replace flatcable could solve your prob !


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Hi Wallie

Many thanks for your thoughts on this.

All the acciciated boards and LCD have been verified by substituting the components with reconditioned or new.

Component voltages have been checked and software reloaded.

The only board left to change is the HDMI board in the PC,

I'm expecting this to happen Friday this week.

The image signal is being lost from the PC and is not getting to the LCD.

The 1710 has now been out of action for over five weeks.

I will update if this fixes the problem,

Thank you for reading

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