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Dks 1500 .Lense turret problem


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Got a problem on dks 1500.The lens turret is making noise when going to home position.When checking while the lense turret is moving anticlock wise its not stopping and its trying to move even further for a while and can see its trying and making the noise and stops.Is there a sensor or adjustment .

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I am little bit late on this question, but...  :B

Noise while turning the lens turret can be because off the bad stepper motor or maybe the bed connection on big resistors which are driving the motor or bad PCB, try to switch the position off the Optical and Transport PCBs, but do not forget also to change the position off the small 3 switches in the middle off the boards.

There is off course the fork sensor for the turret and the LCD, but to get to them and adjust it, you have to completely remove the big square cover which covers the LCD and the lenses (on top off it there is green light for machine working status).

First remove both side covers which have magnets on it and then there is one screw which holds this big cover. but to see it you have to open the dryer.

To adjust the home position sensor you will need two magnets to close the curuits off the side covers, DKS application should be closed, and then you have to start MonTestdks2.exe which is located at C:\DKS\Constantes\Tools\Diag_Impag\.

When started, you have to first initialize the optical and transport systems and then there is one menu for home position sensors (filters, LCD and lens turret). when you start each motor the sensor position should be in green area and if it is not then you have to slightly move the sensor (be careful it is very sensitive) and start the positioning again.

When everything is OK, then you have to do complete new centering off the lenses, lens offset.....

Lot off things to do if you really want to do it properly  ;)

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