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IM1500 fault


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When I try to scan 135 film all that happens is I get an error message- "IM1500- if there is no film in the film carrier please replace the scanner lamp"


Well of course there is film in the carrier. But anyhow I replaced the lamp, but it did no good. Changed the carrier for the aps one and that worked fine, so it looks like the carrier has a fault. Any idea of how to fix it? Or does anyone have a spare they want to sell?

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First try to scan the slide film, but you can for the test set it to scan slide, but put the negative film inside, if that is working then, there is no sufficient light coming onto the CCD sensors, maybe you have the problem with scanner power supply but first try to do this steps:

First clean the filters and lenses inside the scanner.

If that did not help, quit from the software, then change the value in IM1500data.ini (located at C:\DKS\Im1500\), which will increase the voltage to the lamp:


MILLIVOLTS_COLOR_NEGATIVE=19000 (this is in mV, increase it to 20000 or more, but do not go over 22000)


Start the DKS application again, and check if it will work normally ;)

You can also try to change the lamp socket.

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