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DKS1710 wrong speed


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i have DKS1710. I use 22 sec chemicals.  

problem is that frequency of rack motor must be 180 Hz but actual frequency is 35 Hz.

by the way, when i change in cheme.exe type of chemicals from 22sec to 45 sec, actual frequency is not change. it is still 35 Hz. please advice.

PS: rack motor belt was changed, tention is ok.

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...and one more problem with this DKS1710:

strange situation with replenishing pump H2O/STB. this pump does not work. Power supply is OK.

when i removed this pump and connected to 220V directly this pump started work. But once i connect this pump to DKS, its not work.

Does anybody can explain tihs miracle?

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Dear Jorm, thank you

when i make like this i got error message "rack motor can not reach requested speed"

in input of rack motor just 2-3 volt is coming from tank board. looks like problem in tank board.any ideas is appreciated

i checked the rack motor in another DKS. it works properly


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Yes off course that could work, but you need 9V or something around that value.

Normaly the voltage is regulated depending of the torque in the racks and that is not constant.

Try with 9V and watch the speed of the motor in Hz and adjust the voltage until the speed is correct ;)

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