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DKS 1770 inlet modul doesn't start


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Hello, please help me...

The pictures are always stop in backprinter modul because the inlet modul doesn't start.

I tried to test this modul, and the sensors from diagdks, everything are working fine.

I reinstalled the OS and softvare, I changed the C/DKS map, but nothing help :-(

Thanks any idea

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I had to face the same problem with my DKS-1710 in several times.From my experiences, you can check the followings:

1) First check any mechanical displacement in the module

2) Unplug & plug all the connectors on the paper transport board

3) Reload the dks software & don't forget to initialize from diagdks.

4) Replace the paper transport board.

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The paper transport board sounds like the problem. When the machine is started up does a piece  of paper come out of the machine? The machine sends a piece of paper through on startup to check all systems. When the paper is stuck near the backprinter the transport board didn't send a signal to start the racks. You can also check if the rack motor works with a 9 volt battery.

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Good morning, check the transport motor when it is deficient gives that problem, also check the sensor of the door of the dryer when it is defective it usually gives that problem too, since it has happened to me and I solved it by sending the transport motor to repair and changing the sensor of the compound of the dryer, greetings I hope you can solve

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