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Drivers or ghost for PCI HR


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We had a problem with our KIS 1550.  It didn't want to read the scuzzy dongle.  We thought it was the software and reloaded the software.  It still gives us the same problem, it doesn't want to load the program because it doesn't pick up the dongle.  It says "Version Unknown" When we click on the correct version 4.1, the program doesn't want to run.  What can we do to solve this problem.  

Do you know where I can get a new LCD for the KIS 1550.  I am in Cape Town, South Africa.



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It is a little late, but...

We had a problem with our KIS 1550.  It didn't want to read the scuzzy dongle.

I am not sure abut this line, but the dongle type is parallel one  ;)

First check the LPT port in BIOS, maybe it is disabled (it would be also visible in device manager off course), specially if you run BIOS settings from older Master OS CD, set it to Enable and set it to work in ECP Mode (Extended Capabilities Port).

After that you can check the dongle status using DongleView.exe application which is located in C:\DKS\.

If there are missing the dongle drivers, you can find it on DKS application CD1\Soft\Install\Step2-Software_DKS_Install\PrivateFiles\Hasp\Hdd32.exe


Download newest version from here: ftp://ftp.aladdin.com/pub/hasp/new_releases/driver/HASP4_driver_setup.zip

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