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Double image printing problem dks 750


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It is hard to see on this small resolution image, but if your DKS 750 is over SN: 2000, then probably you have cicclone/ravage PCB for making the exposure and in the S.U. there is settings called dailycount (DLY CNT)  ;)

The dailycount’s corresponding to each top of black and white of the analog signal.

"To adjust the flicker and the dailycount we have to launch the software in


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thanks for answering. has high resolution image but it's the impression when the kind of pixels displayed. I tried to make the adjustment in SU / Synoptics / Opticals / LCD / flicker & dailycount "but no change, I also loaded a ghost and nothing.

I've also tried looking at the PCB firmware cicclone / ravage and I have not the software that comes in the DKS folder.

I've also tried to look at the sequence of LED PCB ravage

and is red, then green.

I have the opportunity to buy a set cicclone / ravage with cables used, but they are different models of my DKs, no way to adapt the drivers.

thank you again.

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