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Template Creation/Addition


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I have a couple of questions on the dks 1550. Please I need replies

1. How do I add templates to the templates folder? I added them but they are not showing. I used the following formats jpeg and png all to no avail.

2. If i want to print, The frame template covers part of the picture i want to print. That is some part of the picture is cropped off. How do i put the frame template to appear under the picture or photo.

3. Thank you

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I made a lot of templates with corel, easy to to.

some templates with coler files, to reproduce them.

you have to give every dir a new number, also adust the xml fil, msk file.

look out for the horizontal and vertical version.

christmas templates and kalenders have a msk file (mask)

when you make a template with a image over a mask, export the file as a jpg fil and copy

the black mask, out of the picture and save these a the new msk file. otherwise the picture wil lay over the image

you put on the template.



mail samulder@hetnet.nl for specifiek questions.

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now the set of 21 templates are completed.

added 6 new templates.

number 2490 to 2510.

in the last week we sold more than 2000. 20x30 cm christmas cards selling price here is +/- €0.35 incl envelop

last year over 18000 til the day before christmas.

is there a problem ore U need other tekst, mail me.

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0,35€ including envelop 20x30cm?

Is your post OK?

How is possible to charge 0,35€ for a 20x30cm photo with envelop???

We charge (like any other photoshops) 2,25€ for a normal 20x30cm photo.

But for Christmas Cards we don't do it at that size.

Our Christmas Cards are 10x15cm or 12x18cm

A normal photo 10x15cm is charged 0,45€

A Christmas Card 10x15 is charged 1,20€ (without envelop)

I sell each Christmas thousands of my own created cards too, with 20 different

templates placed in DKS. I deliver it in 5 minutes and these are our prices:

1 to 10 Christmas Cards    1,20€ each

11 to 30 Christmas Cards    1,10€ each

31 to 40 Christmas Cards    1,00€ each

+ 41      Christmas Cards    1,20€ each

(without envelop)

Similar prices compared to other photolabs

Everyone's free to charge the price you consider, but 0,30€???

What do you charge for a normal 10x15cm photo?


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O sorry they are 10x20 cm.


10   t/m 25    stuks €0,39.

26   t/m 50    stuks €0,37.

51   t/m 100  stuks €0,35.

101 t/m 200  stuks € 0,33.

201 stuks en meer €0,32.

normal 10x15cm are €0.29

we made a collection of around 200 differend templates

these prices are over holland almost the same

pfoto labs doing it from €0.10 or less (this is shit)

when you have some nice 10x15 templates?

maby we can share some. because we don't have nice 10x15 only arround 5 or 10


here you can download the 10x20 templates olso in englisch

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I'm sorry but I find extremely cheap Christmas Cards and prints.

Perhaps our cards could be cheaper but I also find that a single photo priced 0,29€

is low for a high quality chemical print (this year 3 times kodak raised the price of


'Til last year I had 1 to 10 copies at a lower price (but higher than you).

As I have many customers that come and do 1, 2, 3 prints, and always coment:

"Oh, only 0,30€!! or, only 0,60€? I thought it was expensier!", and I have

more interest in print high quantity of photos I raise up the price from 1 to

10 prints.

My 10x15cm - 11x15cm (I charge the same price) prices are:

1-5    0,45€

6-10  0,40€

11-50 0,25€

51-100 0,21€

101-300 0,19€

301-500 0,17€

501-1000 0,15€

+ 1000  0,14€  

In my area, Barcelona, more or less we have similar prices.

And online services, when you add taxes, and postages are

more or less the same.

So if a 10x15 photo is 0,45€ we charge more for an exclusive design

and very fast delivery = 5 minutes.

About my cards if you want I give you a sample but they are

in catalan so you can't use it in your land.


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