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24 Pixel lines (How to install LCD EPSON)


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Good Day,We have 3 Kis Machine all of them are out of warranty now,all epson board are already replaced but the 24 pixel lines are still visible in the prints.Now we buy a refurbish LCD EPSON 4 the problem is we don't know how to install and calibrate this LCD EPSON.Please help me and guide me to install and calibrate this LCD.

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Thank you for your reply..I attend training in france for this machine(DKS 1510)but in the training center they didn't teach me how to install and calibrate this LCD..Im the one who liable here in the philippines to repair this machine.Its very expensive to send the MSB assembly in the france,so this is the only way to repair or to solve this problem if you willing to supervise me how to install the LCD,I know how to adjust or calibrate the PRNU but the adjusment and calibration of LCD is my big problem,Please guide me to solve my problem...Thank you.


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