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Paper Wraps Around Roller


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I've been using 10" Kodak Edge Lustre for years without much problem.  I started getting an embossed wrinkle in the middle of prints occasionally.  Also the leading edge pf prints got a little beat up.

About a month ago, the embossed wrinkle (near the leading edge of prints) got worse and more frequent.  Also I started getting prints that ended up rolled around the last rack's bottom roller.  I pulled all the racks, checked the springs, replaced a lot of green plastic bearings, and cleaned them thoroughly.  No luck.  Same problem.

Next I borrowed the racks from a back-up machine we had still had the same problem.  Next I cleaned and checked the introductor, cleaned the shutter from the introductor to the dev rack, changed any black introductor clips left and checked the cutter.  Apparently, prints were coming out of these parts fine but got wrinkled when they entered the processor.

It was unclear which rack was doing the wrinkling, if any consistently.  The prints seemed to get crooked somewhere in the processor occasionally too.

I finally noticed that the paper was making a snapping sound when it entered the bleach fix rack.  It was like the paper was hitting the middle of the first roller on the blix rack and not rolling smoothly into the rack.  I guessed that this was what was beating up the leading edge of the paper and setting it up for a jam or wrinkle down the road.

Finally after trying everything I could think of, I borrowed a roll of Fuji Crystal Archive from a friend and all the problems went away ..except one.  I don't like the Fuji Crystal Archive.  My prints look all yellow-green.  No matter how well balanced the machine is, I have to add blue to keep the highlights from looking yellow.

Could this be a problem with the KIS SP20EM chemistry and Kodak Edge Paper?

I'm limping through the end of the busy season on the Crystal Archive, but I'm wondering if anyone has insight on what may have been happening with my machine.

Thanks for reading,

Ken Nolfi - Studio TEN Photography

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I.am doing 2 times a year preventiv maintenance on my frinds machine racks.

we had the problems too. now we do it twice a year.

put new green plastic bearings in, and a big problem is olso some gears on the back of the site plates.

get the upper rols out and replace the upper 3 or 4 gears. the holes in these gears are getting bigger.

and the gears are not doing there work properly. some gears are not driving the other gear good.

sometimes there is the space betwene the next print to small or they lay over each other.

than the transport gears are not good anymore.

A gears and bearings problem. replace them both.

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I was using Kodak paper for years and then I was getting the problem like you. I switched to Fuji and don't have any jamming problems anymore. When you replace the green bushings you should look for bent shafts on the end of the rollers. They get bent when you have a paper jam because they are not very big in diameter. I put them in two v-blocks and spin them to true them up and have them run as good as new ones. They need to be as straight and true as possible otherwise the rollers will turn with a wobble and change  paper clearances at any given time thereby causing jams. The gears are made of plastic and they turn on metal studs on the frame. The inside bores get out of round (wear out) ( sorry for the terms, but I was a machinist for 20 years and it has helped me tremendously) and they wobble also causing paper jams. All the pieces have to be running smoothly and accurately or there will be problems.  Ronnie

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Thanks for the replies.  I'll definitely check the shafts and gears as suggested.  I'm going to do a major tear down as soon as it slows down.  I do think the Kodak paper had something to do with it though, since it happened with two separate sets of racks.

Thanks for the tip on the paper response.  I'll give that a shot tomorrow for sure.  I bought an x-rite 811 on eBay and I'm going to try to make a custom response for the Fuji CA.  If I have luck I'll share it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the help.


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