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About Black & White DKS 1510


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I own a 6 years old DKS 1510.

In general I'm happy with the results specially in color prints, but in

black & white I feel that DKS doesn't do a good job.

It doesn't matter if you print externally created black & white images

or converted directly from the DKS software, results are the same.

Black & white prints have greenish or reddish cast very difficult to avoid,

sometimes in a part of the print.

So my question is:

Does anybody know any trick to get better black & white prints with

DKS 1510?

Al suggestions are welcome, I've tried all I know.Only adjustments

made with the DKS before printing a B&W image.


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Thank you Ronnie, perhaps lustre will give more "decent" results printing

on color paper.

And jjfury, possibly I have to do a PRNU because I have this new (again) LCD

from 4 months. It was an used LCD and technician leave the PRNU values

from the old machine.

But, in adition, somebody uses any "trick" to print better B&W photos?

Thank you,


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first thing make a new prnu

with my dks 750 after the paper calibration i have the best result with convert in b/w in dks and after

i put -2 point in saturation and in my case -2 point in magenta and -1 point in blue

you can adjust for your case

also i have  a good result with the pictures b/w from estation

i don't know why


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Thank you for your comments,

I made PRNU and now I have uniformity OK.

About B&W with estation better than with DKS is strange, but I

have tried it and I get the same image. eStation doesn't modify

the file only get the information about the way of printing in DKS,

so the final B&W is made in the DKS. Perhaps DKS reads the

eStation orders modifying some values (color-density-saturation..)

diferenent than made directly in the DKS. This params are in the

folder DKS/constantes/sources.cst in ORDRES EXTERNE line.

About the settings you say I tried too but it deppends on the machine,

chemicals, paper used...so with your values I get a little magenta photo,

I'll have to fins mines.

Thank you,


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Ok, I read that thread.

The only thing is that my starting point is the  densitometer calibration

is the Calibration Card print that you can buy at KIS, asuming the print is

OK and the values too. I don't have an external densitometer.

So I've made all this ajustments.

I think B&W photos printed with chemical and color paper in DKS system

will never be perfect, isn't it?


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If you using the Kodak paper then the calibration card which came with the machine is OK, but with the time you should change it or read it again with external densitometer and write NEW reference calibration values on it.

If you are working on any other paper then Kodak, then your densitometer is not perfectly calibrated and also the existing paper responses are out off date comparing to newer paper-chemistry combination.

Try to check on e-bay for external densitometer (X-Rite, Barbieri or Gretag Macbeth) but with each one you should recive the calibration target for densitometer, but to get even better result, search for 3 decimal point precision densitometer, and off course it has to be Status A densitometer.

B&W can be very good (the machine on which I am working in our lab) with calibrated densiotometer, good LUT, proper compensation filter inserted, good PRNU and custom paper response is giving very good B&W print ;)

Other manufacturers like Agfa, Noritsu and Fuji have possibility to print and mesure the full range density targets with a lot off measuring points beteen white and black, but they all have better densitometers which are Status A, and that would give them good B&W print on all density range from white, light white, middle gray, black and all in between  ;)

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What chemistry are you using and at what developing speed (20s or 30s), because there are some other paper response which could be better ?

I will post my delta response file, which I done 3 years ago, copy it to the Parameter folder (unpack it first  ;)), but You have to also set PapResp_Royal_33F_KodakRapide as paper response because it is connected with it, does not metter if you are using Edge or Royal  ;)

On our machine we are using Kodak Rapide chemistry, but you can try it just to see if there are some improvaments, but that is 3 year old file, so I do not know how good is with todays paper  ;)

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