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Now I've got a film scanner problem


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My minilab is a DKS 1550, with an IM1500 scanner.

The scanner is playing up, when I've gone to scan film this morning, I keep getting a message 'no film detected- please change your scanner lamp, which I did. Went to scan  a film and the same thing happened. I rebooted the machine, switched the scanner on and off etc. The same problem kept recurring. I tried it a few minutes ago and it started to draw in the film- great I thought- it's working. But not so. The pic below shows what was on the screen.


To be honest I do so little film nowadays that If I can't fix this myself easily I'll just stop doing film, 6 a week won't pay for expensive repairs!

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Well get this. I unplugged and removed the scanner, checked the scsi plug at the back of the main pc, which was left loose by the photo-me techs earlier this year ( :B), put it all back together and now it works fine.

Was it just a bad connection or something worse? As I said before if it's kaput, so be it- I'm not spending anything on it.

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