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Yet another 1550 problem


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Right- I'll try to describe this problem clearly- but feel free to ask for more info.

Doing a small run of 4'' prints this afternoon and the printer stopped. I pressed stop/go, and it hung on orange.

I shut down and restarted the application, went to continue printing and it was dead. I selected the top magazine, and selected a paper setup which worked fine. But the lower magazine would do nothing- it sounded like it was feeding- but not cutting. I could go on for ever, but to make this short(er) I could coax the lower magazine into live by rebooting and it would work for a while then stop. Then if I restarted the dks1500 application and removed and refitted the lower magazine, it would feed but not cut the paper. If then, straightaway I tried the same with the upper magazine I would get the same result. But then, after a minute I would get a grey warning message advising about a timeout error  transportedll or something like that. In the grey box is an ok buttton. As soon as I clicked on that the cutters (top and bottom) could be heard to work.

Now I settled on this- I configured a barely used paper magazine to run a single roll of 4'' paper and set that up on the top (upper) magazine position. I ran off over a hundred prints on 4'' and 5'' paper so included a magazine change. All worked fine.

No doubt more details will be needed- but any ideas?

I will not be at the lab again until Monday, so if you want me to try things it'll have to wait til then.

Hopefully we'll be ok using the top magazine position for the next few days.

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First thing to do is to clean the area around the knife and put a new grease there.

To get to the knife you have to remove black cover (5 small screws) on the paper exit side, then you will see the knife and then check first this counter plate which holds the knife in the position, but also that tightens the knife with two small screws and the washers bellow each screw.

This washers over the time are worn out and need to be replaced to get proper knife tension.

After removing the blade you can then clean this area and put the grease on the middle brass point and on the contact with the knife and the moving parts where are the two axes off the knife.

After that you can load the paper and check the knife operation while it is still without the black cover.

But this will help only if this was due to the mechanical issue and some paper jam there, but it could be the knife motor and maybe if you are lucky only the knife position microswitches, but to get to that area you have to remove the feeder and disassemble it and if you did not do it before then that is a job for a technician  :o

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There is no adjustment off the microswitches, only important is its position but it is not critical.

Only check if they are working or not with the instrument, but one time it was the problem that screw which holds them together in position was to tight and that made one off them working bad at a time  ;)

Also it could be a problem with the flat cable  ;)

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Ok, I'll remove the cutter box and service and clean it. I have to say the cable is a suspect because the fault is a bit random- it'll work fine for a bit then stop. Although the magazine had not been moved from where it was (ie not swung open and replaced for a few days) so the cable would not have been stressed. The fault ocurred during a 2 hour quiet period, just sitting there with no work going through and then it failed when I needed to print a passport photo. How difficult is it to replace if that is the problem?

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Quick update-

took out the cutter box, removed the cover and found lots of paper shards, mainly between the cutter and the case. Cleaned it out and refitted it. It now seems fine. I reckon the paper was not letting the cutter go to it's full stroke so was not working one of the switches.

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