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DKS 1510, leaks on colors


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I bought a used 1510 and tech sayed that it was fine condition, but after transport test images are bad..!!


There is a strange glow near colorfull areas and near blacks, white text in black areas are not white, there is a glow around them..!

Tech has tested all settings and there are fine?, also lenses has checked, but images aren

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that's sometimes  link to too long exposure times

Check and clean the small photodiode in the middle of the exposure deck.

Clean the dichroic filter that are just behind the exposure bulb (with dust blower)

or, dirty optical line , clean carefuly with soft clothes and make sure that there's no dust left

and then reprint the control pattern....

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I just open the pump and clean that little ring, once there was broken/cracked nutt that hold`s tube to pump, it got air and diddent pump, check bumping at superuser and look at tanks,

if it pums it´s ok..!

So what is your broplem..?,


Looks like new PRNU or do your prints look like too little pixels..?

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Hi Ridge,

I have sorted out that problem and am moving onto the next one :)

I was trying to calibrate the pumps in SU. When I clicked on 20 turns I noticed that nothing came out of the developer pump and the other values are all wrong as well.

I am going to strip all 6 pumps and give them a complete overhaul. New pump filters, new one way valves and a good clean are the order of the day!

I will let you know how it goes.

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