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help im1500 problem


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hi guys , nice forum here

its about SYSTEM 80 DLS scanner IM 1500 (scsi).

try to interogate scanner but system reports no scanner connected.

2 yellow leds remain on on front panel.

first thing was to check power supply unit who seems to be ok :+24v,+5v.+8v,+16V all stable .(is second generation of psu , the one whos not burning out so easily).

another thing is when computer starts ,scanner is asigned to scsi id 4 but on the scanner back case is a 0 to 9 switch set on position 5.

tried also to power up scanner with no scsi cable connected :same 2 yellow leds on ,filter motor comes to end(up) , film motor no move only bias current.

waiting for your help , thank you

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thank you for your help so far, i quit searching im1500 diagnostic cuz now i got major problems :

system 80 dls reports 89 degrees on dryer,no chemistry warm up ,no pumps and all that shit happened after 2 times power brake down (possible shortcut on dryer heater)

i need desperate a repair manual , diagrams ,please !

all the best

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