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DKS Cutter - Not cutting middle of paper


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Greesing is necessary to be done on 3 places.

You have to remove the knife and grease the 2 excentric part where there is the contact with this plate and axis on which this plate is scrwed with 2 small screws on each side.

Beside this it is necessary to put the greas on the bras circle part which is in the middle of the knife (but bellow it off course) which is also in the contact with the knife.

But ususall bed cutting in the middle off the paper is happening because the washer bellow this small screws on the counter plate is damaged and the knife is not tight as it should be, change also this washers.

If after all of this the cutting in the middle is still not OK, then you can screww the middle adjustament screw a little (but unscrew first the counter nut and after adjusting it screw it again.

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