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Can the DKS collective help me again please !


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Another silly fault, probably self inflicted....

I put new 4'' paper in my 1550 cassette earlier, and without thinking exposed about 30cm of it. Instead of cutting it off I went back into the darkroom and wound it back in (I know, I know...)

Anyway, loaded it in the DKS and packed up for the day.

When I came in the next day there was a black sheet of 4'' on the conveyor and a message on the screen telling there was a densitomer error. I knew what i had done so I pulled some paper out of the magazine and did another paper set-up. Now the paper comes out so pale (ie the grey strip in the middle) that the densitometer cannot read anything and we are back to the densitometer error message..... In short I can't set up 4'' gloss!

If i tell the machine it's 4'' lustre then all is ok, so I have a work around.

So how can I rectify this? Presumably I need to change a few figures somewhere to kickstart the process, but where?

looking forward to hearing from the usual suspects   :)

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Exit to windows, copy the papier.ini file from the beckup CD to the C:\DKS\parametres overwriting the existing one, start again the DKS application and do the paper setup again, this should solve you corupted papier.ini  ;)

Off course there is another way to fix it like, opening the working paper.ini with notepad and copying some parametres from the lustre section to the glossy section in that file, but I think that my first sugesstion is easier to do  8)

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