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24 pixel line 2


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Hello everybody!  :)

We do not have a site for professional like your  in france.minilab help to look very good.

I'm sorry for my English but I do not speak it at all! (google traduction!)

I am French and photographer since 1year. I have a dks 1510 (2004) and I have the problem of 24 pixels line ... I said there is resistance and d4 version on my machine.

FRANCE KIS asks me € 14,000 to replace the LCD block! :-/

the only solution I have to limit damage is to send a series of 40 pictures to cut and heated for 2 minutes then I return a series of 40 photos ...

help me please. I read old post but I do not understand it without pattern or picture.

I do not want the repair to 14000 € I think it's theft!

Thank you for your answers

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Hello Ricmfree,

In Holland we had several 24 Pixel line problems, if your machine is 5 years or younger you still have warranty on your LCD.

Please read attached file and I think you will recognize your problem. (it's also in French ;))

My advise is to contact KIS Photo Me or your local supplier and tell them your situation.

In Holland I had one case where the warranty was expired, the customer could buy a revised LCD Unit for 5500 euros ? (The old LCD unit had to be returned to KIS .....  unbelieveable the fluctuating prices in different countries)

Good luck and fingers crossed,


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hello wallie,

the photographer who sold me the dks had this problem 3 times and the technicians came to fix each time.

I already risistor and the version on my D4.1.12 dks 1510 ...

i hope that there was another way for me to change the lcd. Photo me (in France) told me 13000 € for the lcd and 900€ for the technician.  :(

I opened my store 1 year ago and I can not pay this sum for a repair!

I don't know what to do.Change the machine to a dry lab? (it's the same price that changing the lcd).

Thank you for your help Wallie :)

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If you had all the modifications on your LCD and your DKS is not older as 5 years KIS must deliver you a refurbished one.

Off course they try it this way, what does KIS tells you exactly ?

Here in Holland every cutomer of mine got delivered a refurbished one, NOTE: if not older than 5 years !

Gr. Wallie

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Alas my dks date of July 2004.

kis told me replace the LCD for 14000 € or buy a dks910 for the same price ....  In kis France  kodak paper, chemistry and the contract maintenance are very very expensive!    now I buy from another supplier.

I am angry  and afraid because  i can't work without minilab and i could close my store if my problem does not improve  :-/

What do you advise?repair? change dks  and buy a dry lab?

see you later

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Wallie thank you very much for your help.

the techiciens tell me if I change the LCD, the problem can come back in a year! They do not know if the problem is not solve!

And I have no money for repairs every year.

I want a solution to help me temporarily because I am a photographer since 2008 and I don't want spend too much money. If I must pay 6000 € I prefer to change the minilab.

yet I try to go easy with the DKS.

thank you again

ps: I have an appointment with Tetenal to see what they offer me

see you later

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Hi ricmfree,

Unfortunately KIS never had final solution for this problem  :-/ , check this thread where I wrote usual scenario with 24 line pixel problem: http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1251317270/

But most off the other manufacturers off laser exposure system like Noritsu and Fuji have also similar (if not worse) problems with there AOM drivers, lasers... , and then the repairing (or replacement) price is even higher.

But in your case that price is set too high, I do not know the reason for KIS to suggest so high price for LCD MSB ?

Also you can maybe talk with KIS for some kind off exchange for your DKS (they will refurbished it and sell for sure), and DKS 920 or DKS 910, if the price difference is not that high ?

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hello pskaro,

I also think that there is no solution ...  :'(

I am sending 3 pictures block lcd. Can you tell me where the resitence they welded please?

"I do not know the reason for KIS to suggest so high price for LCD MSB?"

why is my opinion that I am not their contract of

  maintenance at 5000 € / year. (conf44)

I also thought to have a  drylab but kis in everything is very expensive . for example, I found a vendor selling the chemical kis -50%

I'm thinking i'm going elsewhere. ;)

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Sequencer PCB (with Epson PCB together) is bellow this part which is in your images.

That means that you have to open bottom cover (one below the cover which is opened during lamp change).

But I can not recommend (I already wrote about this) nobody to do it by themselves without technician.

You can just verify if the resistor is there (use Wallie PDF for this), maybe the soldering was not done properly and after some time the resistor disconnected (not likely but...)

I mentioned the KIS dry lab only as possible exchange, but if KIS is going to do the calibration off each printer in the factory (as they are doing now for Photobook Maker printer), then the quality will be really good (comparable to chemical minilab  ;) )

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Hey there ricmfree,

Keep us informed about the resistor !

the techiciens tell me if I change the LCD, the problem can come back in a year! ..... hmmmm this would be no comment for me !!!

I hope that they support you better then I just read, is there an option for you to buy 2nd hand DKS15xx ??

You even have also spare racks and lot of other stuff in case .....

In Holland I had a customer who sold an System89 (semilair to DKS1550) for only 5000 euro, with no 24 Pixel Lines (yet)

He took the change to let me swap his new LCD Unit en had even serveral spare parts left.(incl. the IM1500 scanner)  :-/

I don't know the 2nd hand market prizes at your country but at this moment in Holland you can do a lot during a crisis !

Just thinking with you and wish you all the best,

Good luck with that Tetanal guy,

Gr. Wallie

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hi evybody

Buy 2nd hand 15xx is not a good solution for me. I too have a fear of failure.

If the solution Kodak is good , I think I'll sell my dks with lcd broken (I do not know the price?) and 32 fp aks because I have not much to treat dandruff (5/week).

I checked for resistance. It's just like the picture of the pdf you sent me.

thank you Wallie and Pskaro for your help and I'll tell you tomorrow's news. ;)

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Hi ricmfree,

Well, dry labs are future (at least what is left  :-/) of the photography business.

As I service also APEX labs (I had training, but never installed one in the field, only on some presentations), I think that APEX is very good lab, print quality is maybe the best around comparing with other dry labs.

I personally do not like older software versions (V2.5) which was intended to have very few features, and a lot off the options could only be done with connected Kodak kiosk.

But that is changing now, and never versions (V3.1) and even newer (V4 which is in development) are now looking more like standard digital minilab software.

I still like more KIS user interface (maybe after working 10 years with KIS minilabs it starts to grow on me  8))

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I may be forced to open another post for this but it is the result of my failure ... sorry (tomato1)

The future of my shop is too uncertain for the purchase of APEX (too expensive for me). This is a very practical solution for someone who I want to change the system ;). Cost of a 10x15 cm = 0,09 €  and not 10x13... and most is the DL2100 Duplex (for photobook and postcard is very interesting!)

The image quality of APEX is less good compared to dnp I already own (for wedding and events ...) and I am very satisfied.

I had another question: Do you think I can still continue to work with my dks with the lcd problem .

If this does not get worse I can still take pictures but less than before ... is it interesting for me?

see you

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24 line pixel problem in the time is just progressing phenomena, so the normal work is not possible.

Yesterday I was in one lab just to write down the SN of the LCD so I can order it as warranty replacement (less then 5 years).

Few days ago they had only one line, and now there are sometimes even 3 lines.

Try to find someone else to fix it (maybe Kodak Service, or somebody from another country) for reasonable price  :o

I heard some very high prices for this kind off repair, but this was too much, for that price you can buy complete DKS 15XX in some countries.

I always had good relation with KIS and there call center personal, so I do not understand this pricing  :-/

Have you tried to contact (e-mail) somebody else in KIS (Photo-Me) regarding this price offer that you received ?

Maybe Wallie can be off help in your situation ?

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thank you Pskaro , I'll wait until the end of the year to reflect. It may be time for me to think about doing my job otherwise. (More than shoot for portrait and companies... :P)

For those who doubt the fare here is the mail that I sent in response to my problem.


Further to our conversation, we hereby confirm the diagnosis of failure on your machine.

This is a problem of ionization block your LCD requires replacement and realignment of your machine.

The figures are as follows:

-1 Block Piezzo-LCD

Reference N060377107 = 14,535.00 Euros HT - 20% conditioned the resumption of the old block = 11,628.00 Euros HT

- 1 Day Package M / O = 893.00 Euros HT

Pending a response from you,

Sincerely, "

What is with the t.v.a (19.6%): 14,975.11 € ttc !!!

2 days after the trade kis phone to sell me

  dks new ...

Another strange phenomenon on my calibrations (see file)

Have you an answer?

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il y a la stabilité du lcd a réglé dans caméra pour évitér ces lignes verticales ,les valeurs sont comprises je crois entre 89 ou 189 ,je me souviens plus exactement ,mais tu peux les modifiers en + ou en - de maniére a estompé voir éffacé le phénomene ,pour la tache c'est de faire un prnu.


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