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Rack motor

kamal pasha

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Actually  there is no fix voltage for the rack motor because its voltage is regulated by the Tank PCB to mentain the proper rack speed using the information from the coding wheel near the motor and speed set by the chemical choise set in the Chimie.exe.

"By knowing the rack motor characteristics as well as the exact value of each components of the tank

board, we are able to calculate the THEORETICAL speed of the motor, its returned frequency value

for a given analogic instruction and its corresponding voltage applied to the motor."

This regulation is derived from +24V input, but on the DKS2 it was about 9V when DKS is working with the 131Hz rack speed, on the DKS3 I never measured the voltage when working, so I do not know what would be the closest voltage.

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You can connect the motor with some power supply which can be fine adjusted wia some potentiometer, by the way if you have KIS 24V power supply, it can be used also.

Set start voltage to 8V and observe the reading off the motor speed (in Hz) on the screen and adjust to get correct speed (as it was when everything was working normally) which depend off course off the chemistry used.

This is workaround which is not precise but it could help for some time, while you are waiting for the new tank PCB  ;)

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Hey Guys,

I used the 12V dc wires of the Power Supply (at the back of the DKS 3)

My customer had a broken tank pcb but couldn't stop his production ..... to do it this way I had no problems with the frequency of the motor (thank god) and my customer could continue his production.

Also I made a on/off switch for him that he would be able to shut off his motor when he was going to sleep .....but a good alternatif for continuing production !

Best Regards,


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