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HELP! DKS 1550


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To davidlam...the parts for DKS went threw the roof sense Integra took over parts for DKS here in the US. I have a friend who was their TOP tech when DKS laid-off their service people and switch to Integra. Her always told me you could by-pass touch screen and connect standard monitor and use your mouse. Touch screen is now just and option on some of there 1600 and 1700's. NOW, if your talking about the LCD for exposer...I would say expensive. In any even, I will check for you and see want there going for.

If it's the display screen, take it apart and see who manufactured it for DKS Kis. I believe you will get a much better price checking the manufacturers part number and not DKS.


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TO CAMERA HOUSE: Thank you for the instuctions, they worked fine.  :)

I now have this problem, I get this alarm:

CHardpapir::lnitParam_TP==ccomException: #NUM 2 << The system cannot find the file specified >>

I cant get mt tanks to display on screen. I will try and reload software one more time. Do you know what this is??

Thank you.

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