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DKS 750 Print Test Failed


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Hello, dear Sirs. A couple of days ago I came across a problem. We've got DKS 750 with PCI HR. The PC's got a new MB, new HDD. After installing Win XP and then drivers and DKS program first test prints were just perfect. I made a image of disc C then adjusted network connections and switched the Lab off. An hour later tried to make another test prints - first ones were a bit green, second - grey but much darker allover the print, all the others - just like on the scans attached.

Tried to copy files from previously made backups - the same situation!-(. Could you possibly give me some advice, idea where to start from. Thanks for your help. Serge 'Diamond'.

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Hey there Diamond,

First clean your lens turret, you have a lot of dust marks on your photo. (Use a lens towel, not compressed air)

I hope before you installed the V3 application onto your pc you put back your previous back-up ......

If so complete the Paper Set Up and tell me if you're able to accept the measured values. (continue paper setup even when machine ask you if you want to continue during error measurement)

Keep us informed,


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