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Kodak System 89 won't sart up!


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My minilab didn't start up this morning.

When I switch the power on, it starts working, but PC unit doesn't boot up.

When I push the power button on the PC, Power light flashes and HDD light turns on, after a few seconds HDD light turns off and power light continues flashing.

I cannot hear beep sound which appears on booting up the PC unit.

I've turnd off the power button off an on a few times but it didn't boot up. Nothing appeared on screen.

I've also called technician and he said "mainboard of the PC unit could be broken because of the sudden voltage change in electricity network. And mainboard of the PC unit could have been changed with new one."

If it is true, where can I buy the mainboard? Is it still manufactured? And what is the price?

I've searched the web, but I couldn't find any information about mainboard.

Does anyone have an idea?

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