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KIS DKS 1550 Black line along the photo hight


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Hello, my KIS DKS 1550 was working perfectly up until yesterday. Than it started to print a thin black line parallel to the picture hight. When I rebooted the machine the black line disappeared but this morning it reappeared again. After another reboot it disappeared again but I would like to ask if somebody can tell me what can be the reason for the black line to show on the image? Thanks in advance.

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Just to update on my initial post the line is not black but transparent (see attached image). Is this the notorious 24 mm line problem? Furthermore on some images there is more than one line. Please if anyone knows what can be the problem contact me either here or through PM.

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OK ou have the allready known issue of the 24 Pixel Problem.

Search this forum for it and you'll find enough info.

So I'll go straught ahead:

Do you have any modifications in your DKS like :

Extinction board (to switch off Power on LCD)

Wich Software Version do you use ......

Is there allready soldered a resistor on your LCD pcb

It's a big KIS problem, if al modifications are allready done then you must replace complete LCD Unit.

If not you have some time left, bus can assure you it will come back.

For now (in the evening) complete shutdown of the DKS (when do so .... open dryer unit)  when there's no printing, when you print too long whith this issue it will become to a situation with more dark lines and more often on the prints.

Finally the LCD is permanently damaged so please act fast and inform us if you had allready any modifications.

Gr. Wallie

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Hello, I have a similar problem, I was told the soldering of a resistor would solve the problem, my prints are solid colour now after doing the modification. I tried removing the resistor and still getting the same results.

I live in central London any decent Technicians that will help sort this out?

Worst case anyone selling and LCD?

My email is video-craft@live.co.uk

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