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Imagus1500 Scan "2 in 1" negatives


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Hello everybody!

Once (maybe twice or maximum 3 times) a year comes a customer with 135 film for prints

made with a camera that makes 2 prints in the place of one.

I'm sorry but, as I am not specialist in film, I don't know the name of that kind of prints.

If I try to scan it with Imagus 1500 I only get 10 of the 12 photos of the piece of film.

I know that if I choose the "Misframing" button in DKS software I can search the missed

photos but is a very hard work especially if you have to scan lots of cutted negatives.

So, my question is: Is there a way to scan this negatives in the right way with Imagus 1500

and get all the photos?

I attatch images of my film scanner, the negatives (normal and 2 in 1), and what I see on

the screen when I scan them.

Thank you,


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Yes, I can do it, but customers use to ask for 4'x6' (10x15cm) prints.

In that case I have to scan half image and after the other half and look for

the images that are not present on screen.

In my case I want only digital files and I have to scan lots of them so I

don't want to crop each file to get the right photo.

My question was related to find a way to scan "all images" with my Imagus.

I don't know if this is is possible.


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I recived the answer from Call Center to my question:

I had a question from one customer about scaning the negatives which are half off the size off the normal negative and off course there is double off the scans to make then normal 135 negative, I am attaching the image off that kind off negative.

Is there any setting to the some ini file regarding the scanner which can be temporarly changed when scaning this kind off negative or some other solution ?

And the answer is:

"I’m afraid that the scanner cannot scan frame by frame. I think that the only solution is to use the zooming function of the DKS application."

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"I'm afraid"? They're not sure about their own machines? I'm the only

one that has received this kind of film in his shop?

After all I wasn't optimistic about this.

I still develop film, but in the last times I mostly get aged customers that still

make fabulous photos with their film cameras and lots of "experiments" of young

people learning photomaking with strange photos (eyefish, half frame, round frames, lomo...)

some of them difficult to scan (the double of time I need in "normal" photos).

So I think that I'm near the end of developing films in my shop in the quick way and

I'll send all that "experiments" to the lab I work with, the result would be more expensive

price and more time (1 day), and no more headaches to me.

Thank you very much Pskaro, again, for your time.

I think that scanning that kind of films with my flatbed scanner would

be the fastest way. (if not, I will do it in the way I knew, zooming in the DKS software)


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There is maybe the workaround in the way to block the space betwen every other negatives by using the black (gray would be better) marker or to stick something in between this negatives, if this works then the scanner would read it as normal 135 negatives and it should give you both frame on the screen ?

Then scan the negatives using the ADD button which will do complete scan instead off just the prescan and then make the print off the each scan by rotating the crop  8)

I do not know if this would work, but off course before marking the space between the negatives worn the customer about that  ;)

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I'll have to scan it in my flatbed scanner frame by frame.

I cannot scan 2 frames and divide it later in photoshop because if you

have one bright photo and another too dark in the same 135mm space

the scanner makes an average exposure and you'll have bad exposed

frames (too bright or too dark).



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We only give them 6x4s. We can priint them individually, but all people like them 2 on one. Mostly they are young ppl, They think 2 on 1 is cool. In fact, they rather to have them on Cd so they cut them on computer. So I think they choices are based on cost

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