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dust and scratch removal


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Copy this to Notepad and save it as addr.reg file then start it and restart the PC, it should work  ;)






This is to enable the ADDR if that was the question ?


When saving choose "Save As" option and under the "Save as type" choose "All Files" and enter as a name ADDR.reg then it would save it as registry file ;)

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Not sure if that's what I need.

I'm sorry, I forgot to say my minilab is a DKS 1550 with an im1500 film scanner.

I've come across a disc with the scanner number written on it. I seem to recall that I need to transfer files from this to the DKS to get the dust removal to work. Had some trouble with the machine a few weeks ago and an engineer reloaded the software. The dust removal software seems not to be working and I suspect it's because it doesn't match my scanner.

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OK, now I understand  :o

With the scanner on the Floppy disk or CD (or you can use the latest working backup CD), there are some files in which is stored scanner specific parametres:

- cod135.ini ( 135 gate coding wheel calibration )

- codaps.ini ( aps gate coding wheel calibration )

- cod120.ini ( 120 gate coding wheel calibration )

- im1500data.ini ( scanner parameters )

Copy this files (it is better to use the files from the Backup CD if there was some calibration done on the scanner), in the IM1500 folder overwriting the existing ones and that should fix the problem, but is the option to activate the dust & dirt removal Active (in Red colour) ?

If this option is grey then my previous sugestion would be one to do  ;)

But normally the technitian should put the latest backup from the backup CD then do the software reinstallation as a second step ?

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