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Are you asking for Photobook Pro V2 which makes Books from RA-4 paper (up to 30x45) or Photobook Maker which has Built in Shinko dye sublimation print (20x30) or new on Photobook Builder which is same as the Photobook maker but without the Printer and it can work with Ra-4 (20x30) prints  :o

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If your minilab can print 30x45 cm format then go for Photobook Pro V2 (and if you have a space in your shop for it  ;)), if not then go for the photobook builder as simple as that.

Off course with Photobook Pro V2 there is more different size off the Book to make,and on Photobook Builder there is only one size (14x20).

Also one other point is that for Photobook Pro V2 you need a big space (2.5m x 1.5m) for the machine and working space around it, and off course sturdy table on which it will be positioned.

When Photobook Pro V2 is installed and alligned, leveled, it is not recomended to move it from that position !!!

Photobook Bulder has a very small footprint, and it is easier to operate and mantain.

I hope that this will help your decission  ;)

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