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Bleach is drying


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Hi again

   i have another major problem tat bleach replensher is drying like mud due to which I have to wash my tank every 3rd day stil I cant undrstand where is the main fault. one of my friend told me tat its heating IC problem due to over heating the chamical is drying like this. But he is not sure abt the IC. But the main thing is the bleach heats slowly it stuck on 60.0 celcius and I have to adjust it mannual to 63.50 celcius.  And after 4-5 hours of working it goes upto 70 and above.

Any help will be apreciated


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"I have to wash my tank every 3rd day"

That´s pretty quick, i have disconnect power off at many days and still chemistry is ok. Have you check that little

plastic washer bellow pump turbine, maybe there is no rotation on bleach tank..?

What kind of mix you use on bleach, 50% repleniser and 50% water..?

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