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DKS 1550 DEV WATER Pump (pump 2) always pumping ??


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Hey there Alper,

Could be two things :

1 - Your pressure switch or (for water) level switch is not working properly, due to this issue the system tells you also (look in the screen) a red dot in your chemical state (for example dev. repl. tank is empty)

The system tries to activate the pump (not continously) to look if the replenish tank is allready filled again.

2 - Reason for keep on pumping of your pumps (continously) is that you might had an leakage at your Pressure sensitive switch.

The chemicals were falling onto the 230V ac connector of your replenish pump(s), this was making a shortcut and blowed up your Solid State Relais.

No worries at this moment, KIS was so kind to add some spare ones on your solid state relais board which you don't need.

Look at the description on the perplex plate so you can see which one is not in use, and make sure due to the desciption that you take the right solid State Board you need to fix !



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