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pakon scanner onto kis 1530


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I have purchased a pakon f235 scanner and would like to use it on my dks 1530.  I have loaded the program for the pakon scanner onto the dks 1530, but although the program is loaded i cannot access it from the config screen.  

Can anyone give me technical information on how i can get it working?  

i had an im 1500 attached but it was too expensive to get repaired / replaced.  

i mean it is a film scanner and computer basically and should work?  or are there locks / blocks on the kis system????>

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There is no way to get it working as Imagus 1500, the DKS application just do not support any other scanner.

Only way you can work is by scanning the films using the Pakon application and then save it to spoolin2 folder which is the accesible as Network Input.

But I am not sure would the Pakon application work unless you are loged as administrator ?

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