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Network For Dks 1500


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Hy again Friends

    I had connected my dks to single Pc before. Now I want to connect another PC with it bt dont know the problem wht it is. all Ip address and subnet mask are correct

                  Its IP address :

                    sUBNETMASK :

                  AND WORKGROUP is IMPAG

  the Ip address of 1st computer is

Pls help me to solve it as soon as possible

coz my half of work has been stopped

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Catalina is in your application  cd. written as KIAS.

3.3 Step 3 : Installation of the KIAS software (only if a KIAS terminal is

connected to the DKS)

• Logon in Administrator mode

• Insert the CD-ROM of Version 4

• Double-click on KIAS.exe under CDROM:\Soft\Install\Step3-Software_KIAS_Install

• Click Yes if Java and the KIAS are not yet installed.

• The installation is automatic and the computer restarts automatically.

• At restart, a message informs the operator that the installation has been successful.

Click OK.

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