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Whats my problem?


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Hi everybody!  I know its been a while since I've posted but I'm having some issues and I need some help.  Our DKS 1670 has been acting really weird for the past few months and my Kodak technician refuses to do anything so I need some help.  It looks to me like the hard drive might be starting to fail however when I run some diagnostics, the SMART status passes and the WD diagnostic tests all pass.

For some reason I keep getting some optical DLL error message however I don't recall exactly what it says and the machine will stop printing and I usually have to turn it off at the breaker and then turn it back on in order to start production again.  Sometimes it will also refuse to burn CD's saying that we have incorrect media type or just some generic error message saying that the burn process failed.

Also, I have a few extra "portable" applications installed on my USB thumb drive such as Open Office and Firefox that I use at work when needed.  I use Open Office for tracking my waste print data and for tracking my team's training progress.  In the past, I have been able to save them to the My Documents folder under XP since they are work files I do not see why I should keep them on my USB drive.  Now, I cannot even save anything to the My Documents folder, its like the entire thing is corrupted.

I have had lots of experience with regular PC hardware as I have built many custom PC's in the past and I have seen hard drive failures over time.  It looks to me like that is what is happening with our DKS right now but I cannot confirm anything yet.  What happened with my last hard drive failure was XP started to act really weird and was generally unstable and then we would have random files or folders corrupt on us and then eventually the computer just flat out refused to start up.

Anybody have any insight as to what I can do?  Every time our tech installs new program updates he makes a backup and leaves the discs with us but I don't know what to do with these discs as this backup/restore solution is very different from the ones on the Kodak G4 machines which I have plenty of experience with now thanks to KPK v2.0.  Is this a bad drive?  Is it just bad software?  I don't know but I wish I did as it's really making me mad.


CVS Photo Lab Supervisor

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The backup is done by using Savedks application which path is C:\DKS\savedks.exe.

Inside backup should be 3 folders: IM1500, parametres and variables. Inside this 3 folders are information for scanner, machine and statistics.

Easiest way is just to install application over existing one, during that installation setup will first backup old DKS application on D drive D:\backup.

You can even try to overwrite existing 3 folders with this folders from backup but off course you will revert everything to that date )paper setup, statistic...)

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Dear all

I run a tech department but i´m having some problems with spare parts from Kis, i´ve tried other supplyers but some times it takes 2months to receive my order.

Does anyone have spare parts, if yes what is the delivery time.

Please answer to :


Thank you.

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