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750故障故事  750 Fault story


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我的dks750   在柯达系统应该叫新锐88+    









我在重新安装系统时,在安装DKS的时候,提示:“op tical detection failed:  code:536870905”  翻译成中文就是光学检测失败。


安装完成后启动DKS时,提示:ATTENTION: Pas de PCI HK ou de CICCLONE de detecte








Because I am a layman, I would like to put my machine failures, from start to finish for everyone to be introduced in, please give me expert judgments about.

My dks750 in the Kodak system should be called cutting-edge 88 +


The problem is this!

The beginning is polluted autoradiography, re-replacement developer.

Machines in operation, I move about the system settings, of course, do not know the reasons this is not the case.

Still later, I hit films, will not be able to see images from the film is white.

I look at the optical path and found that three-color film to stay too long, that is, the exposure time is too long.

However, the exposure time, there is no light through the years. Not through the LCD.

After I mixed light barrels, and the LCD block, to get the same type of machine. Found that the problem is the link to the piece of LCD circuit boards. I call it here in general have exposed circuit boards.

But I again with good exposure machine circuit boards installed in my machine, the exposure time is running time-ray is normal, but not the same image.

I re-install system, installed DKS when prompted: "op tical detection failed: code: 536870905" translated into Chinese is the failure of optical inspection.

This can be installed.

After the installation is complete restart DKS when prompted: ATTENTION: Pas de PCI HK ou de CICCLONE de detecte

Confirmation can enter DKS, the normal heating and running, it will not be able to display images in the photo paper.

I now use the xp system, because I have just contacted processing machine. There is no information on him. The original NT system broken, the last with 89 cutting-edge system, it is XP, use xp system after installation, xp under DKS can not start, I used my original coverage of the C disk DKS DKS directory, can be normal使用.

I just turn the shop, there is no information on the cutting edge to you can give the correct guidance. If there has been broken and needs to be replaced, please give maintenance costs!

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, New Year's Eve.

Tomorrow will be the Year of China. Here wish you all a Happy New Year, the Year of the Ox auspicious!



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I am guessing that this English version is made by some autotranslating software or Babelfish..

I think my English is very good, but I still can not fully understand what is the problem (beside this issue where DKS application is not recognising Cicclone PCB inside the PC), please find somebody who will properly translate what are you talking about.

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