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Film scan resolution question


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I have a DKS 1550 which I have not been able to use much due to resolution problem with 8x10 and 8x12 prints.

I am looking at a spec sheet that says DKS 1550's max resolution for 35MM film scans is 2800x4000 and Fuji frontier 375 Max resolution for 35MM is 2000x3000 yet in practice the prints I get from the DKS is much grainier and seems to have lower resolution than the ones from my Frontier 370.

Can anyone try to shed some light as to how I can improve the resolution of my DKS film scanner. I am not familiar with the DKS machines and might be missing some simple steps that I might need to take to resolve this issue.

I used Russell Chem and Fuji paper but have stopped and I am now using Sp20EM chem and Fuji crystal archive.

Any info on how to improve my prints with this machine will be greatly appreciated.


Image Pro.

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