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DKS750 brightness problem


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Hello guys,

I think I have a problem with my DKS750. As you can see in the images attached the picture printed by DKS750 is a little bit darker ans not so sharp compared to the one printed by Frontier. Also the shadow on the yellow (which is kind of orange on the DKS picture) is a little bit grained on the picture printed by DKS750.

I have used another DKS750 a few months ago and on the other one the colors were more vivid and the images were very sharp. That means that the DKS750 printer has more potential.

I am using Ornano chemicals and Fuji Crystal Archive (glossy) paper.

Another problem observed: if you are looking very close to the grey printed by paper setup, you can see very small squares (vertical and horizontal lines) looking like the display pixels. Is this normal ?

Could be something with the software (I am using 3.3.1 LX now, instead of 5.2.x.x installed on the DKS that worked properlys; chemicals and paper are the same that I used on the other one) ?

Please help me if you can with some advice regarding this issues.

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There is a "smooth" and Treshold" setting in every format in super user, if setting is 10, try to change those to 20 or something, and restart software. That will make pictures more sharp..!!

If you but those settings too much, bigger pictures are "squared" (20x30cm), but small ones are better..!!

If you print solid gray picture and there are white pixels or dust, you have to make new PRNU, i have to make it maybe ones a month..!

Mayby Frontier uses sRGB profil, i dont thing that DKS 750 uses those, i havent get those work..!

I have also noticed that in DKS 750 pictures are unsharp if you print file that is vertical, horisontal files are more sharp..!


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