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IM1500 Pro APS Gate problem


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thanks for the response. i did removed the film from the cartridge and have it scanned but still the problem exist. if i do try inserting at least 6 frames of it it would go thru. i also inserted the film on an empty aps cartridge but still the problem occur. if there's a mechanical problem i think other brand such kodak would be affected too. hope from to hear more from you soon. thanks.

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Hi tapzkie,

I installed only one DKS3 machine, so my expirience with IM1500 Pro is limited but You can try this:

Close DKS application, open the file Im1500data.cst in C:\DKS\Im1500\Constantes

Modify the file “Im1500data.cst”, and change the value:


Also You can try this in same file (not documented but ?)





OVER_TORQUE_FORWARD=13 (try with bigger value 15 up to 27 ?)

OVER_TORQUE_REWIND=13 (same as above)

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