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DKS 1530 PC Networking


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We were just wondering whether we could network our PC to our DKS1530 as we do all our scanning on a desktop.  The ideal set-up would be to send the files to the archive folder on the DKS1530 for easy access on the mini-lab.  If anyone has attempted or done this we'd appreciate your advice.

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Very easy stuff to do just connect into your local network, depending on how many kiosks you have you made need an 8 port switch

one network card in the pc connect to your switch and if your using xp on your pc go to network connections, add pc to network or something similar to that

Xp should find the existing network and add the pc to it. It should be that simple but sometimes isnt. Word of warning it is often better to send your files to say sppolin 1 or 2 or anything you derfine as the archive file tends to get messy if your busy

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Thanks very much for your replies, something we've been meaning to do for ages but just never seem to have got round to it.  Should speed up the workflow considerably once we get sorted.

Something like this should do the job?


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dear cecil,

this can be late but as i see but you can do the following;

a) change workgroup name to IMPAG

B) change IP address to 192.168.0.xx and subnet mask

c) restart your pc and open windows explorer and type double back-slash

d) it will ask you to supply a username and pass. just enter DKS on the username and leave the password blank.

e) it will display the folder //rep_dks/. you may double click it until you open the desired folder to save your files.

f) once the selected folder was open you may mapped this drive so that you can save the files you want directly to the machine.

hope this will work. FYI

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