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DKS 1670 - APS


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Hi everyone, I work at a CVS as a photo tech. I pretty much take care of everything except for the ordering of new supplies, because my supervisor is computer illiterate :o.

We rarely get APS film orders, but on the 25th we had a roll come in and everything was fine until I loaded the APS cartridge into the machine. I had one red light, and one green light to the right of the scanner and it would not scan the cartridge. After calling Kodak(nightmare), I still havnt seen a tech in 4 days. I am looking for a few things:

1)A way to troubleshoot to potentially solve the APS issue - keep in mind that I have no hardcopy manuals(Supervisor says it is not my responsibility, but refuses to fix/call)

2)I have heard that you can run the APS film without putting it back into its permanent case - however, i now have 5 rolls rewound back into their respective cases. How would I go about retrieving the film out of the cases?



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hi, nice to see another CVS employee around here, especially one with a dks 1670!  i am a photo lab supervisor and our store has been open for almost 2 years now, we were one of the first CVS stores to get one of these labs installed and i've been in charge of the lab from the start :)

as far as the aps film scanner goes, when you get the red flashing light what i do sometimes is i will exit out of the DKS program then relaunch it from the desktop.  sometimes that will clear it up.  if that does not do it, try to log off and log back in while leaving in the aps scanner.

you CAN scan aps film without needing to put it back into the plastic cassette.  you would insert it opposite the way of 35mm film.  your DX code will still be on the bottom but the film should curl roughly in the shape of a "d" instead of a "b" like for 35mm.  i hope that helps a little bit as far as scanning goes but i don't have a better way to describe it at 1:00am EST.

as far as your PLS not getting your DKS fixed, you have 2 options.  you can take matters into your own hands and call qualex yourself our you can talk to your manager about your PLS not doing their job.  i have used option #1 in other stores many times before.  i have filled in at other stores which have had various chemcial/equipment problems and since everybody else is too lazy to do it, i take it upon myself to take care of it.

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