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This message can only occur if somebody change the administrator password.

Change shortcut to start dks_scan.exe instead off dks_scan.bat then it will not check administrator password.

Regarding password for administrator on DKS 15XX or S8X, I always use KIS2000.

I will give you nice trick for autologon feature on DKS2 or DKS1 if under Windows XP  8).

Press Start on windows, go to run and type "control userpasswords2" (without " off course  ;)), this will open user login menu similar to Windows 2000.

Chose your user (DKS or DLSLX) and then disable "user mast enter...". After restart machine will automatically logon.

This feature is good when there is power loss during the night and there is nobody in the morning to press OK to start the user interface and to start the heating off the chemical

This is actually windows hidden command  ;)

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Thanks for kind word Wallie.

What do you think about my autologon procedure.

I used it for a some time now, and customers are very happy when they do not have to press OK after restart or worry about chemistry heating in case off power failure over night.

Off course, it is good to turn off this feature if it is necessary to work as administrator and need restarting several times, but if you need to logon as administrator for one session, then you can logoff, then login as administrator, and after restart (or login as user) application will start automatically  8)

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