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Profit into loss


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They have virtually been giving wet labs away. I hear they have had a lot of stock to move. That said, the later machines are reliable and fine for low to mid volumes. Probably will go the same way Agfa has, but like them there will be heaps of parts available and all the technical people will come out of the woodwork - so service will still be around.

As for investors? You only have to look at their website - most of it hasn't changed in 5 years. Hardly a good look for a public company of the size PhotoMe presumably was.

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Quite easy about a PLC that's on London stock exchange...

Have a look on the following :


Be attentive to the operative income graphics of the imaging solution...  interesting , isn't it ?

Most of the time , a company losing money in one of his branch is closing it...

It's also a bit scary for Fuji's lab owners... I don't speak of Noritsu that is ''married'' with Fuji !

Is this the end of the dinosaurs ? and birth of new players as HP , xerox and many others ?

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