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DKS 1510 " photo chain error"


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our operator had mistakingly register another paper without the proper step,the machine came up with c\windows\system 32\cmd.exe

memory dump.after came " PHOTO CHAIN ERR0R" chosen responsepapier file incorrect. we have since tried to change the paper/casset settings but the tumbnail have since being inactive.we need instructions on how to go back to other paper/casset settings. we have removed the paper casset and replaced several time over ,the situation remains the same

can somebody explain how i can get back to hte last correct setting or re-initialise


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if your machine are correctly instaled by a field engieneer  ,normaly you can find a backup CD or a backup folder in D:rep DKS => Backup .

the folder in the backup for you is , if i don't equivoque me is parameter and reponse paper. If you find it replace the actual parameter by the backup.

Bye frenchman

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As you restore Parametres folder in which there is file papier.ini where all off the setups are stored together with paper response chosen for each paper magazine, and that did not helped, then probably somebody deleted the Response papier cst file which is stored also in your papier.ini from backup.

Response papier files are located in C:\DKS\Constantes\ReponsesPapier. Try to check your papier.ini file (with notepad) to check if there is some response papier cst files which does not exist in C:\DKS\Constantes\ReponsesPapier folder.

In papier.ini file look for this line for each paper width : PAPER_RESPONSE=PapResp_Edge9_32F_KodakRapide.cst

If there is missing papier response cst in that file then replace it manually (using notepad) with some which do exist.

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