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Color help (sRGB)


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All my photographers shoot sRGB, when I print I set the machine to use the embedded profile ( which is sRGB) ( makes no difference if I use the embedded profile or the sRGB tab prints come out identical)

My reds come out orange and my blues come out closer to purple.  Any help appreciated......

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Here is what I have learned regarding color space and the DKS. I will quote a tech

"Telling the DKS to use the sRGB profile does not convert the colorspace. A DKS is SDP, never anything else. Calling a pig a cow does not get you roast beef...."

So the SDP translates to sRGB the best it can which is not very good for certain colors

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It sounds to me more like a setup densitometer problem, causing a colour shift. Check the densitometer, they don't last forever.

If it is a problem with the machine profile, you will not be the only person that has met this and I would suggest there will be a fix for this somewhere.

As I am not American, I refuse to use the incorrect spelling 'color' as prompted by the spell checker.

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