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color is muddy and off?

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I am using a 1510 and the prints are coming out very muddy looking and at times way different then the screen. I went into the SU window and run a monitor calibration get that print match what it is printing then go into the confg. screen and correct the color.  I have been doing that for the last few days but still the color is off.  Not sure what to do now.  The prints are just not very sharp and now that we have a Walgrrens in town I need to make sure this gets fixed and stay that way.  

I had some problems a while ago and had a resitior installed and now the color is just out of wack and muddy looking.  Before I could take a file from photoshop and it would print just as I saw on that screen it print perfectly.  Now the reds are bland and the black are coming out with a blue tint.  Ugh if it is not one thing it is another.

Any Help would be greatly appriciated.


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It is only on a couple files tht it comes out blueish.  The screen says all is fine then when you print the faces are yellow and the background is blueish.   I will try and find one of the pictures.  But overall the pictures are coming out yellow and I can correct and recorrect but it is a daily thing that I have to do the adjust in the SU screen and make sure all is well there.  

In the adjust screen if I have all of values and 0 the print comes out very yellow.  The lcd bulb did just burn out on Sat.  but still not any better with a new bulb.

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