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Monitor calibration issue

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I have been having an issue with the monitor calibration being off from day to day.  Example Mon I printed the image under the monitor cal in SU.  It was just fine.  The morning it has now gone to very yellow.   I did the corrections now all is well.  This is something new and I can't figure out why all of a sudden this is happening.  

How offten should I be doing a monitor calibration?  Could the monitor be going?  


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According to some literature, it is pointless trying to calibrate a CRT monitor if it is over 2yrs old.

Meanwhile, in the real world, none of my monitors are that young, and probably the vast majority of readers the same.

Double check the drivers and settings for your graphics card (sometimes updates can interfere), If they are good and functioning then it is probably the monitor.

Possibly an easier way to check the monitor would be to swap it around, if the problem follows the monitor, thats your problem. If not, and it stays with the computer, suspect the settings/drivers.

How often to calibrate? That depends how critical your work is, I usually calibrate my important screen every fortnight, but finds it only needs very minimal, if any, adjustment.

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