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Imagus SCSI error


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Usually switching off the machine on main green switch also switch off the scanner. If you put the scanner and PC on UPS then it is the different story.

This message mostly is coming from bad lamp, try to put new lamp (Osram is now better then GE), if that does not fix you problem then you have to check the scanner (or your tech) with Hwmon utility to see if your PS is OK or not (specially lamp test will discover if there is a problem with lamp PS), also check call filter detect, this will tell you status of your filter.

Also try to clean the filters and check them if there is burned one, also check UV filter near lamp.

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I have switch of machine many times and double check the capels, changed lamps, but same error..

There is a filter after lamp and that is not very clear, there are many spots that arent same color as rest of it, could it be filter problem..?

I call tech tomorrow and ask if he has some advise, thanks for both of you..!

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