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Print issue on 1510

PMP Photo

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On the 1510 after we run any where between 3 to five rolls of film with doubles prints we now are getting a band that goes down the 4" side of the paper in the same spot on all the prints.  If we turn it all off and let the machine sit it usally goes away.  What is causing this?

What can I do to fix it.

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Yes it looks like a 24 pixel line problem on LCD, and the way it is disappearing is consistent with the issue.

Only strange thing on your example is that issue is first visible in the middle of the print, usually problem is appearing on one side and this line is multiplied with the time.

To get rid of the line there are only two ways, first is to solder (your tech, not you) resistor on Epson PCB, if that was already done then only other solution is to change the LCD.

Also prior soldering there are some requirements, software version V4.1.12, and LCD extinction kit has to be installed.

By the way Bellaire, this machine is DKS 1510 and parts from Noritsu 1501 (wich you are selling) will not going to fit (I think ;-) )

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For this resistor to solder on Epson PCB you need to pull down complete LCD unit (disconnect cables, unscrew 4 screw...), then solder the resistor and put back everything on the machine, make zero position for the LCD sensor, also do new cantering of the machine...

I am not going to send this procedure because it is too complicated to do by anyone except tech person.

I do not want to be responsible for something which in my opinion can not be done by customer.

This procedure is most complicate of all others to do and please let your tech do it even if it will cost you extra money, but I think bigger cost is if you do not work because off this problem.

In my 7 years working as a tech for Gretag/SMI and KIS/Kodak machines, Kiosks..., I solved 90% off the problem by telephone (depend on the customer knowledge and its ability off course), but that 10% needed my arrival. This kind off repair really need to be done by technician for that machine.

There were few cases (not me) ;), that tech person was not very careful when soldering this resistor and ended up with destroyed Epson PCB  :-/.

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I am a  service tech who lives near Patty at PMP photo and would like to help her out. While I've never worked on a DKS 1510 before her machine, I do have 30 years experience doing technical service on such machines as Durst, Kreonite, Agfa, Doli and a lot more. I also have a college degree in photographic engineering technology. I am qualified to do the necessary work on this printer as soon as I have a clear understanding and technical documentation of the procedures involved. I am just starting to get familiar with the printer at PMP and would appreciate any help. I would like to confirm which upgrades might still be needed on their machine especially any that might be related to their current problem described in earlier posts.



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Thanks for your help.  My teach and I went through and found that we have the software up to date and that the extension kit is installed.  Then we found that the resitor was not installed.  So the tech is getting one and we are getting that installed.  I hope that fixes all the problems.


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