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PRNU Setup


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I'm sure people are going to tell me not to touch the PRNU settings but I was hoping maybe someone could provide me with simple instruction on how to do a PRNU setup. I have a DKS 1550 and I've had an issue before where the tec guys had to come out and do the PRNU setup, this problem has come back but I'm hoping I can do the setup myself.

I've printed the PRNU pattern and it doesn't show a clean grey like it should be.

I understand that I then do a prescan using this pattern, then make a selection using the selection tool, leaving at least a 5 mm white margin around the grey. Then I select the High resolution scan. At the end of the scan process , the file SCAN.BMP is automatically generated and copied onto the D: drive . The button "PRNU CALCULATION" becomes available.

This is where I need the help. What would I do now? I remember the engineer selecting a small part of the scanned pattern that was close to a clean grey, would this have been a the beginning stage?

Any help would be greatfully received.

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Hi BenField,

I am guessing that you are using some Epson scanner attached to your DKS and doing the scanning in the S.U. ?

Before starting the PRNU clean the optical line (lens and bottom polarizer), and scanner glass.

Your procedure was OK, one important thing is to position the pattern in the scanner in a way that when preview is shown, on the right side of the image there should be small pattern.

When scanning is finished then press the button for "PRNU CALCULATION", there should be percentage bar and when it is finished there should not be any error.

Make PRINT PRNU one more time and if it is OK leave it, otherwise rerun it, mostly three time is normal if you have some starting point.

By the way, on the top left of each menu in S.U. there is help button which is explaining (on the right part off the screen) this steps and troubleshooting.

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