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1670 glitches/patches


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i know i've been kinda MIA for a while but this board isn't that active to begin with but i do have a few more questions here for you guys.

1. does anybody happen to know if KIS has ever sent out any updates to the 1670's via pcanywhere?  we have it installed on our machine and i noticed that the other day to produce a 8x10 print was gone which leads me to #2

2. when i go to paper setup to make an 8x10 enlargement, the way we were taught to do it was to select 8A paper (thats what kodak supplies us) and we chose the free advance option then hit 10" (if i'm remembering correct off the top of my head).  however, the 10" button is gone!  we have 9.5" and we have 11" but no 10.

3. is there a way to enable multisession picture cd burning in the software?  i've seen it mentioned in the help PDF files but those aren't much help in enabling it.  I know under super user there is the "tec" option for the advanced chemistry setup which we are not supposed to know about only being the "lowly store employees" but is there another "secret super user" option for things like that?

last KIS question and i'm off to the kodak section haha

4. i'm not sure if any of you guys would know this or not but CVS introduced their own brand of photo cd over the summer and we were promised a patch to enable it on the DKS software but we have not heard anything about it yet.  its very similar to the burn process of a kodak picture cd but it is different enough that kodak had to ship us a special enabler cd for our g4 kiosks.  is there a way that we could manually enable the CVS picture cd's without having to wait for a patch?  we do have customers who prefer that over the kodak cd but unfortunately they are stuck with them until we can find a way to enable it.

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I will try to answer some off your question, because I installed only one 1610.

1. Live Update is something I only saw in the brochure for DKS3, when I was on the course for DKS3 June 2007 in Grenoble, France nobody mention nothing about it, I do not have Technical Info related to that.

2. Looking at the last user manual that I have, You are right, there is no 10" option (only 9.5" and 11.8"), I do not remember how it was before, but you can always use free section to put 10" there.

3. In C\DKS\Configurator.exe, (name : operator / Password: none) you can set multisession CD burning under Generic CD, (there is also service password, but it is not necessary for this option to enable). By the way, normally this is done by technician when machine is first installed (by customer request). This procedure is same for DKS1 and DKS2

4. For this I do no know, last SW version D4.5.18 is not mentioning CVS picture CD.

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yea i wouldn't really expect the picture cd thing to be something that was international but i figured i would ask anyway.  by the way, there are a lot of things that the techs are supposed to be doing but i do anyway.  this morning i had to fish out a paper setup test plus my control strip because they both jammed in the DEV rollers.  i'll look into the config program because that would make things so much easier for some of us at my store because we have 1 photo technician who is kinda computer illiterate and it would probably be easier for her to understand "burning on the same CD several times" as opposed to changing the burn priority to high/norm/low instead of "directly" then pulling all the cd's out of the burn queue after waiting for them all to appear.

maybe i am just crazy as far as the 8x10's goes because going to college does some pretty strange things to your head sometimes and i tend to go a little crazy haha.  well thanks for the help!

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