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DKS purchase


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We went from Fuji Frontier to DKS. It was a bit of a shock to begin with in terms of picture quality. Fuji used laser so prints just seemed to look nicer and cropping was more accurate. Having used the DKS for nearly 2 years now I am converted, just!! The archive comes in really really handy and for minilab high street printing it fine for what we want to produce. I do miss the frontier but I would now need to bolt on some of the DKS feature and bring the service contract price down a lot befor I would go back

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a really good piece of kit, good quality prints, really easy to use interface, software can have icc profile conflicts but as this machine is designed to be used for the high street customer base that shouldn't cause any real issues.

the rack maintenance should be kept on top of, even if you don't have time.

I would definately have a service contract even though when things go wrong they are easily fixed.

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